Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Who's that lady...Sexy lady?!?
NO, not a drag queen- a crazy rich woman, or something. Put together at the last minute-this looked better in person believe it or not. You can't see how gorgeous the hot pink lipstick, caked on rouge, and blue-blue eyeshadow are. Not to mention the lovely fake mole, beatiful authentic fur coat and gold bling shoes. And you sure can't tell how blinging and shiny those necklaces and gaudy earrings are. I'm pretty sure Dave was embarressed to be seen with me.
Kobie was Hob Goblin from Spiderman. Who? I don't know, but him and Preston do.

The King

Our Halloween porch.

Bella, a sweet angel. Lilly looks a little on the dark side. She's actually a butterfly.

Dave's costume-these eyeball glasses that I think he just wore for the picture. Bella got them the day before at her school party.

This was while we were picking up our walnuts.

Our porch before the jack-o-lanterns. These are the pumpkins that we grew. We had quite a few more, but gave them away.

He's so cute, don't mind the foot.

This was his first "wall art". I just left him for a short second, and came into the room finding him waving this pencil back and forth on the wall. Cute and funny now, not later.

Friday, October 29, 2010

I forgot this video with the last post.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

The annual trip to bishop's.

Sideways, sorry.
I know that you can't even see us, oh well.

If you look you can see the fourth tooth coming in.

It was sad watching Kobie, he has already outgrown coyote mountain.

The tires are always a big hit for Kobie.

We hit Target on the way home after what was already a long day and the kids got kind of crazy.
This was before the lady busted the girls for hiding in the racks.
Kobie looked pretty cute in his "English hat"

We have fallen behind but it is time to catch up.

Matching sweaters, Eli's hair is looking good but Kobs could use a trim.
Sorry Jessica, I forgot to rotate this one, this is just after the trim.

Eil got his first haircut before church the other day. The clown hair was just getting rediculous.

I snapped this picture of a cute little yellow bird in a crazy yellow birds nest a Rich's house.

We had a great time at apple hill but we only took a couple of stroller pictures!
You can guess that this is Kobie's arm, but I love the way that Jessica is just shutting him down. Sorry dude it's Lilly's party.

Mom made one of her killer chocolate cakes and then Lilly decorated it. Yes those are jelly bellys, almonds and even a sweet grape tomato.

Lovin the new clothes.

Mackin down the chocolate.

Check out the sweet tinkerbell cake.

Another great Jeep picture.

Bella's first day of school.
Bella really loves going to school and she is doing great.
In case you can't tell by the post that was just a title, this is Dave blogging. And all of the pictures are in reverse of how I wanted them.

Eli loves playing in the curtains.

We have fallen behind with our blogging but it is time to catch up.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Kobie wanted a video too.

Kobie wanted to try and dance like Jessica and

then do a "back flip" on the couch.

Kobie made this post.

Hot dog or fat tail?
Is it going to fall or what.

My futures so bright I've gotta where shades.
I hope that you enjoyed Kobie's post.